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What does your child learn at school each day? 

We provide a thematic approach to learning and every half term focus on a different topic.  Please see our curriculum newsletters for more information.

Progression of Skills following the National Curriculum are used to assess and monitor skills learnt.  Children can be at The Primrose Centre for varying lengths of time, ranging from 6 weeks to 6 months on average, dependent on circumstances.  This has an impact on skills covered but we aim to provide a broad range of activities to incorporate a variety of experiences for all our children and develop a love of learning to enable each child to reintegrate into the most appropriate provision for their needs.
Skills ladders are used in the front of the children's books to show targets and skills being taught through the year groups dependent on a child's individual needs and ability
2020/2021 Half termly Curriculum Overview

Summer 1 overview map

Summer 2 2021 overview map

Autumn 1 2021 curriculum overview

Autumn 2 2021 curriculum map

Spring 1 2022 curriculum map

Spring 2 2022 curriculum map

Summer 1 2022 Curriculum map

Summer 2 2022 Curriculum map

Autumn 1 2022 Curriculum map

Autumn 2 2022 Curriculum map