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"Be Safe, Be Happy and Learn"

The curriculum at The Primrose Centre has been developed to ensure all pupils have the opportunity to gain essential skills and knowledge that they need to prepare them for their future success. Primrose understands that a pupil’s future can take a path in many different ways from transitioning back to their mainstream, moving to another mainstream school or onto a specialist setting.  We have a two yearly rolling programme of study that identifies what pupils ate Primrose need to learn while at our Centre.  Pupil progress is tracked both in relation to SEMH and knowledge and skills acquired to ensure that they grow and flourish to reach their full potential and beyond.  We provide a thematic approach to learning and every half term focus on a different topic

Subjects: English, Maths, Science, ICT, Art, Humanities, Enrichment, PSHE, PE


In all subject areas pupils are monitored to ensure appropriate progress. Assessments are varied so all pupils have the opportunity to demonstrate progress in all topic areas. Timely interventions for Phonics, Maths, English and SEMH are timetabled on an individual basis.

Equality / Diversity

At Primrose we feel that scaffolding learning is vital in every lesson in order for pupils to make progress in academic and social emotional targets.  All pupils will have the opportunity to access a broad and balanced curriculum whist achieving the highest expectations set for them.

2020/2021 Half termly Curriculum Overview

Summer 1 overview map

Summer 2 2021 overview map

Autumn 1 2021 curriculum overview

Autumn 2 2021 curriculum map

Spring 1 2022 curriculum map

Spring 2 2022 curriculum map

Summer 1 2022 Curriculum map

Summer 2 2022 Curriculum map

Autumn 1 2022 Curriculum map

Autumn 2 2022 Curriculum map