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Attendance data has been brilliant this year (90%+) and we are proud to announce that for the first time ever we have had 2 consecutive weeks with 100% attendance since returning in September 2020.

We asked both parents and children why they thought that their attendance was so good.

Parents comments -

“He enjoys coming to school now.  He comes home and talks about school, never has before.  There has been a massive change in him since he’s been at Primrose.  It is the staff and the way they are with him.''


“It’s what the staff do in school as a team, he enjoys coming here.  If it was rubbish he wouldn’t want to come.”


“Now he enjoys coming and we don’t have any problems getting him up”


“They have helped her with her behaviour.  She is happy here and wants to come to school every day”

Children's comments -


“I like coming to school because I love the teachers”


“I like coming to school because all the adults try really hard to help us.  Blue sky helps kids be safe and calm down and think about my behaviour”


“I like coming to school because the education is good and I learn new things”


“I like coming to school because I like to see the teachers and play with my friends”